Mar 11 2023


4:00 pm

PDSE Patio Crawl

Saturday, March 11

3:30PM Register in the Ballroom, 4:00PM Patio Crawl starts.  Add Dinner after.

Bring a dish to share, burgers & hot dogs provided.  Bring your own beverage.  $5.00 fee for Poker chip game.  This is open to the entire community.  No golf cart, no problem.  You may walk, ride a bike, drive a car or just show up and get your chips at registration.  There are only 2 rules: 1) You have to introduce yourself to 3 new people & write their names on your scoresheet, 2) Have fun!  At sign in you will be given a map of at least 5 homes to stop at.  We will be paying 100% of entry fee to a minimum of 5 winners.  Have fun and we look forward to seeing everyone.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jess Schweinberg (#73) or Paul Schmitt (#127).

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