Nov 23 2023


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Thursday, November 23, 3:00PM / Ballroom

Starting back in 2003, Louie & Pat hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at their home.  This dinner has grown, with leaps & bounds over the years.  A few years back Activities asked them to host this event in the Clubhouse so they would have room for everyone; they agreed.  We are so grateful to them for everything they do for this special event.  We want to invite you to join them for an amazing assortment of delicious Thanksgiving favorites, all made by your neighbors.  PDSE Activities will provide all the Turkeys, Pat cooks them all & Louie carves them.  Please be sure to sign up ASAP for what side dish you would like to bring.  Be sure to list your Name, Lot # & how many people will be attending.

Sign up at the Clubhouse ASAP and before 5:00PM on November 17

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